Membership Criteria & Benefits

Eligibility Criteria

WGCN welcomes applications from women in-house lawyers who meet the following criteria:

  • A minimum of eight years of legal practice experience.
  • Currently hold or have held one of the senior-most legal positions within their organization, such as General Counsel (GC), Chief Legal Officer (CLO), or Head of Legal.

Additionally, women who are in transition between jobs but previously held such positions and are actively pursuing another similar role are eligible to apply.

Please note, women lawyers who are currently employed by law firms or legal service firms engaged in soliciting business from in-house lawyers do not qualify for WGCN membership. This policy helps maintain the integrity and focus of our network.

Member Benefits

  • Access to Online Community As a WGCN member, you will gain access to our vibrant online community. This platform allows you to connect with other commerce professionals globally, facilitating networking and collaborative opportunities.
  • Regional Events Members have the opportunity to participate in regional events, which include workshops, seminars, and networking meetups. These events are designed to foster professional relationships and enhance industry knowledge.
  • Learning Opportunities WGCN offers access to professional development events.
Apply for Membership

Applications are typically reviewed within two weeks from the submission date. We appreciate your patience as we conduct thorough reviews to ensure the quality and suitability of all potential members.